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Gourmet Tomato Soup - Herbalife Soup

Code: 0155
Gourmet Tomato Soup - Herbalife Soup

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Gourmet Tomato & Basil Soup

'healthy meal soup, protein rich snack'


About Herbalife Soup

- Prebiotic Inulin Fibre for digestion.

- Natural Antioxidant Lycopene.

- Protein rich tomato soup.

- Satisfying, healthy meal.

- Basil and Oregano flavoured.

- 104 calories per Serving.

- 21 servings.

- Suitable for vegetarians.

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Benefits of Herbalife Tomato Soup

buy herbalife herbalife soupPrebiotic Inulin Fibre to support digestive health. Added Fiber aids Digestive Problems.

buy herbalife soup herbalifeNatural Antioxidant Lycopene from tomatoes.

buy herbalife soupMore Protein than other tomato soups, with 8 times more protein than most tomato soups.

buy soup herbalifeLess Hungry, Feel Full longer with high protein and inulin fibre.

buy soup herbalifeBasil and Oregano for Mediterranean flavoured tomato soup.

buy soup herbalifeHealthy Meal  with balanced nutrition.

buy soup herbalife soup104 calories per serving. 21 servings.

buy herbalife tomato soupSuitable for vegetarians.

Gourmet Tomato Soup Video

How to Make this Healthy Meal Tomato Soup?

  • Mix 2 1/2 tablespoons (32g) TOMATO SOUP mix with 200ml cold or hot water.
  • Stir and its ready to eat.

Herbalife Healthy Meal Plan for Weight Control

Include Herbalife calorie controlled Meal Replacements in your daily diet to aid Weight Control:

Healthy Meal Soup, Gourmet Tomato Soup from Herbalife for balanced diet nutrition in a healthier meal. Available to buy from Feel Good Nutrition, independent Herbalife distributor UK.

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