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Herbalife Fibre & Herb Tablets - Diet Fiber Supplement

Code: 3114
Herbalife Fibre & Herb Tablets - Diet Fiber Supplement

Fibre & Herb Supplement

'add diet fibre to your diet for a healthier digestion.'


About Supplement Fibre & Herb

- Aid Digestive Problems.

- Aid Regular Bowel Activity.

- Improve Digestive Flow.

- Expel Toxins from body.

- 180 tablets, 30 days supply.

supplement herb and fibre in stock


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Benefits of Herbalife Fibre and Herb

buy herbalife herbal green teaAdded Fiber in supplement aids and improves Digestive Problems.

buy herbalife fiber and herb supplementAdded Fibre aids Regular Bowel Activity, with the extra fiber speeding the passage of food.

buy herbalife supplement fiberExtra fibre Improves Digestive Flow so food moves through body more quickly.

buy herbalife supplement fibreFiber helps the body Expel Toxins more quickly.

buy herbalife supplement fibre180 tablets, 30 days supply.


How Much Fiber Should You Eat in Your Diet?

How to take Fibre & Herb Tablets

  • Take 2 FIBRE & HERB TABLETS at 3 meal times every day.
  • 30 days supply - 180 tablets.


Getting enough fibre in your diet is key to a healthy digestion. Adequate fibre intake speeds up the passage of food to help eliminate toxins from the body. Western diets are low in fibre with the average European eating 17g fibre per day. Optimum amounts of fibre are 24 to 30g per day. Take Fibre and Herb tablets for added dietary fibre.

Fibre and Herb tablets to add fiber in the diet every day, diet fiber supplement to buy from Feel Good Nutrition. Supplier of full UK range of Herbalife supplements, buy online herbal health supplements UK.

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