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Herbalife Protein Powder - Protein Supplements UK

Code: 242
Herbalife Protein Powder - Protein Supplements UK

buy UK Herbalife products online

Protein Powder Supplements

'protein for lean muscle, aid weight control'

Benefits of Protein Powder

- 5g Protein per tbs, Soy and Whey.

- 9 Essential Amino Acids.

- Fat Free, Tasteless.

- Add to Shakes, yoghurt etc..

- Protein Nutritional Supplements.

- 240g - 48 servings.



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Benefits of Herbalife Protein Powder Supplements

buy herbalife protein supplementsContains Protein 5g of soy and whey protein per tablespoon serving protein powder.

buy herbalife protein supplementsPlus 9 Essential Amino Acids.

buy herbalife protein supplementsFat Free and tasteless.

buy herbalife protein supplementsAdd to Shakes, Protein shakes, Sauces, Gravies, Yoghurt etc..

buy herbalife protein supplementsCan Aid Weight Management, extra protein builds lean muscle for healthy Weight Control, Weight Loss UK, Gain Weight UK.

buy herbalife protein supplementsProtein is a core nutritional supplements for Health and Wellness.

buy herbalife protein supplements240g in container, gives 48 servings of 5g protein.


How to Use Herbalife Protein Powder?

  • 5 g protein per level tablespoon Herbalife Protein Powder.
  • Take 1-4 servings daily.
  • Add to shakes, food, soup, gravy and sauces. See The importance of protein video.
  • Make a High Protein Shake by adding Protein powder to Formula 1 Healthy Diet Shake.
    WOMEN add 1-2 tbs to shake. MEN add 1-3 tbs to shake.



If you can't wait till your next meal, need a snack but there are only unhealthy, high calorie snacks to eat. Add extra protein to your meals to build muscle, burn calories. Or if you play sport, add extra protein to promote lean muscle bulk or speed recovery after training. An easy way to add extra protein to your diet and foods with protein powder added to a yoghurt, sauces, porridge or add to a Formula 1 Shakes.


Protein supplements UK for good nutrition, protein powder food supplement to buy from Feel Good Nutrition. Supplier of full Herbalife UK range of Herbalife Supplements, Online Herbal Health Supplements UK.

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