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2 stone or more to lose? Advanced Herbalife Weight Loss UK

Code: 4439-1
2 stone or more to lose? Advanced Herbalife Weight Loss UK

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Advanced Weight Loss

'lose 2 stone weight or more, and feel good'

Advanced Herbalife Weight Loss

- 2 x Formula 1 Healthy Diet Shakes - choose flavours.

- Herbal Green Tea  (50g)

- Fibre and Herb tablets

- Formula 2 Multivitamin Supplement

- Fibrebond tablets - diet fiber supplements to aid fat loss.

- 30 days Weight Loss program.

FREE STARTER KIT with this program.

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About this Advanced Weight Loss Program

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This program has been designed for people wanting to lose 2 stone or more in weight. It is an aid to weight loss, more energy, improved health.

Included in this Advanced Herbalife Weight Loss Program

Herbalife Weight Loss enquiry tick2 x Formula 1 Shakes (550g): Choose the flavours you prefer, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Cookie and Cream, Cappuccino, Tropical Fruit, Toffee Aple or Mint Chocolate. Combine your shake mix with skimmed milk to make an easy meal replacement packed full of nutritious goodness.

Herbalife Weight Loss enquiry tickFibrebond tablets to take before your normal meal to make you feel more full and reduce fat intake. These are diet fiber supplements to reduce fat absorption by your body for added fat loss.

Herbalife Weight Loss enquiry tickEasy to take Formula 2 Multivitamin Supplement. A blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs to ensure you get your essential nutrients and boost vitality.

Herbalife Weight Loss enquiry tickFibre and Herb Tablets. Added fibre helps safe and effective weight loss by ridding the body of toxins. Also improving digestion, energy and immunity.

Herbalife Weight Loss enquiry tickHerbal Green Tea (50g).Drink herbal green tea hot or cold, a thermogetic drink which burns calories and burns fat.

Herbalife Weight Loss enquiry tickFREE Starter Kit.

Herbalife Weight Loss enquiry tick30 days supply Weight Loss program.


Iona lost weight with Herbalife


Iona lost weight using Herbalife weight loss program.

She said 'I didn't have to starve.'

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 Herbalife Weight Loss UK online for Good Nutrition with Vitamins and Minerals every day to buy from Feel Good Nutrition. Supplier of full UK range of Herbalife supplements, online herbal health supplements UK.

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